My Opa passed away on March 16th and the funeral service is being held tomorrow. I miss him. I will miss playing pinochle with him and sitting on the couch watching classic movies. He was incredibly faithful and incredibly kind, he was hard working and generous. His tool-shed was always full of ‘just in case’ items and I don’t think he ever threw away a loose screw. He is part of the reason I love to hike, backpack and fish. I think the moments when I saw him the happiest were when he was teaching his grandkids to fish or ski.

opa dancing

Death is such a strange thing. I knew, with his worsening health, that each time I saw him it was precious and that it could be the last. I knew I wanted to be home just in case. I am so thankful for every moment spent with him, even when it was just to sit nearby as he rested. I know he hated us seeing him sick, I know he wanted to take care of us and not be taken care of. I will remember him as someone who cared fully for his family and loved us all more than we will ever know. I just left my parents where there are air mattresses and couches being made up, with 10 of his 20 grandchildren sleeping over. The immense gratitude I feel for my grandfather’s life and the legacy that he left is best reflected in this scene- a scene of genuine joy in being together and willingness to accommodate each other. I find myself sitting back in awe at this family and the ways in which we have grown individually and together as we grow up. I know my Opa was proud of us and I hope that the rest of our lives will continue to make him proud and honor his memory.


Obituary and funeral information can be found at this address: https://wonderfullife.com/of/arthur-last/obituary/.

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