Hello, October

Hello, October. This month marks three years since I began my first travel nurse assignment. This is also the month I plan to return to San Diego to look for a permanent position. These last three years have been incredible in more ways that I could have imagined, but they have also been difficult in... Continue Reading →

Almost 28

This is not what I thought 28 would look like. I have worked as a nurse at 8 different hospitals in six different states, I have finished my Master's in Nursing, and have been able to internationally travel to Peru, Malaysia, and Colombia. I am proud of these things. I feel very grateful that this... Continue Reading →

Next: Nevada

I love rain. A few weeks ago there was a surprisingly strong thunderstorm in San Diego and I was at home with my sister, Sarah, and Dad. It started raining and progressively became louder, including thunder and bright flashes of light. At one moment, after the house lost power, Sarah and I decided to make... Continue Reading →


I feel sad today. Each day at work we go around in a circle and ask the kids to express how they are feeling, what their goals are, and then ask a silly icebreaker question. I said I was feeling thankful, which I am. Thankful for my family, for my work, for the fact that... Continue Reading →


My Opa passed away on March 16th and the funeral service is being held tomorrow. I miss him. I will miss playing pinochle with him and sitting on the couch watching classic movies. He was incredibly faithful and incredibly kind, he was hard working and generous. His tool-shed was always full of 'just in case'... Continue Reading →

A good place to be from

As I sit in a coffee shop watching the sunrise over Bell Rock in Sedona, I am two days from being home. Rather unexpectedly too. I had intended on staying on the East Coast for a while longer and keeping my car there while flying home for Christmas, but plans changed. Granted, these plans had... Continue Reading →

One Year

This month marks a year since I began life as a travel nurse. I am in my third assignment in Salem, Virginia and find myself amazed at all I have done an seen in a short amount of time. I have driven across the country twice, worked in three different states, visited multiple national parks,... Continue Reading →

Moving lighthouses

  Connecticut, Boston, Virginia, North Carolina, New York... and more. The opportunities to explore that travel nursing has provided have been amazing. I love exploring and doing it alone, with old friends, or with new friends. I hope that no matter where I end up staying long term, I always keep exploring and take advantage of the... Continue Reading →

Entering Spring

I am in Hartford, Connecticut on assignment #2. I have not once had feelings of regret about deciding to travel- even though there are difficult moments. I have found that I love this and I could possibly become addicted to this lifestyle for a while. I have found that I love entering a new hospital... Continue Reading →

The Palm Springs of Washington 

I had a good thing going in San Diego when I recently decided to pursue travel nursing.  I had an amazing job, incredible coworkers who had become my dear friends, lived close to family, and had several wonderful friendships. I was also struggling with various aspects of my life, including: where to live, whether to... Continue Reading →

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